Supplies Need for a no-sew fleece tie blanket 2 pieces of coordinating fleece, 1.5 yards each (or larger, depending on the size blanket you want to make) You will find these fabrics used to make blankets, jackets, socks, towels, hats, scarves, and rugs. Coral fleece is more closely related to Minky or cuddle fleece. And if so, what would you call it? If you wash it cold, do not use fabric softener and dry it low, it will help to maintain it’s soft fury texture. Your quick start guide to fleece. Free Shipping by Amazon. ), cutting board (or some kind of cutting surface) and a ruler or straight-edge. Because of it’s construction and texture it’s not recommended for no sew projects as it will shed and stretch more that polar fleece. This is a top fabric that is designed t handle cooler to cold weather with ease. To learn all about fleece, its origins, its different styles and so on, all you have to do is continue to read our article. I have super sensitive eyes, so if I get just one tiny fiber in my eye, I won’t be able to sew for awhile. I keep my condo with its electric heat at 16 degrees C. I gave one blanket to my sister because her apartment is cold in the winter. I personally recommend spending a little bit more money … It is an easy fabric to sew as it is soft and pliable. No pill fleece is a bit more expensive (by just a couple dollars) but it will hold it’s softness longer and won’t “bead” up like the cheaper fleece (hence the name No pill fleece!) Coral Fleece Vs. Polar Fleece what is the difference? Hi Stacy, Barbara says. Now, lay the piece of fleece that will be the front of your blanket, right side up, on top of the first piece of fleece. While debatable if this is truly a fleece fabric it is often clumped in with the fleece group. Thank you for answering so many questions I’ve had about fleece. Fleece blankets can be washed and dried at home for convenient cleaning. Polar fleece is about 1/3 the cost and you can get it for around $4.00 per yard in some stores. Minky is most often used in baby projects, but I love the feel of this fabric so much that I designed a couple of patterns using it for and adult! Here is a list of those, Not everyone is an expert at sewing fleece. Another strength microfleece has is its thin design. Do you have any idea what I’m talking about by chance? I have 7 grandkids and just got through macking my first fleece blanket and 6 more to go so excited too have learned and give a gift made from love and also keep them warm thanks. I’ve been making teddy bears for bereaved parents, using the minky swirl fabric because it’s so super soft. Hope that answers your questions! Or do I have to finish the holes with stitching like regular buttonholes? Copyright 2020 Angel Hickman Peterson - All Rights Reserved. One of its drawbacks is that it is not a good fabric for no-sew projects. It is also not a cheap option coming in some stores around $12 per yard. I made the tie knot blanket with my granddaught But I’m not sure if I should use fleece. One of the areas of life that micro-fleece beats organic fleece is in baby care. Pom-Pom Trim. The edges can ruffle and lose shape so finishing is recommended (with exception of some projects – check out the candy stripe scrunch scarf here). I do have a trick for you. I would use blizzard or “polar” fleece to line them. Any advice on what you use for fleece ear warmers similar to the head band style? Each one has its own purpose and use. Micro fleece, coral fleece, or Sherpa fleece are usually considered the softest types of fleece. Your email address will not be published. Filed Under: Fleece, How to Sew, Learn to Sew for Free, Project by Fabric Type, sewing tips Tagged With: fleece sewing project, sewing tips, Pls tell me what is jersey fleece? Is the polar fleece the one I should use? And you can check out my fun selection of Cuddle kits and fabric here. Not everyone is an expert at sewing fleece. That’s not the case with wool – it has a unique property to keep you comfortable on cold nights and isolate you from the heat come spring or autumn. Blizzard fleece is the cheaper version of Polar thus it should and does have some of the same qualities as its more expensive counterpart. I have fleece blankets in various colours such as blue, beige, lilac, boysenberry, etc. We do have some double layer fleece blankets (The kind you make by tying the edges together) They are definitely thick and being in south central texas it is often to warm for us to use the double layer blankets. I think those tie blankets may have tainted my opinion of fleece… I love the feel of minky and it is my go-to for most projects, but i don’t want to compromise warmth for the softness. Your decision on which one to use may boil down to how much you want to spend at the time. Thanks so much. I have 2 baby coral fleece blankets that I would love to put an edging on. Both are brushed to add the fluffy quality but anti-pill is designed to do exactly what its name says- it does not pill as much as Blizzard fleece if it pills at all. You'll be amazed at how just a few remnants of fleece can come together as a statement-making blanket. I saw some pajama pants in the store that were closer to a fleece, but were labelled as a “megaminky.” These are even softer than what I’ve been using and the fabric doesn’t look like it would shed very much. I crocheted some mittens and was wondering what would be the best fleece to line them with so they are super warm and cozy. Cuddle fleece is also called minkee ( or minkey) fleece. Blizzard fleece is much cheaper. October 2 at 9:02 am. Unnatural or non-organic fleece is generally made from polyester fibers that come from plastics. Both types of fleece are soft and help resist water so you can’t lose if you take one over the other. I always use anti-pil fleece, just because it made sense. You can find out more facts about fleece here. If you are making a double layer fleece blanket, then you will need to cut out a square of fabric on each of the corners or your blanket will not lay flat. Get lovely ideas for fast homemade gifts sent right to your inbox! Blizzard is the way to go for the project you’re talking about. You can use flat heat transfer vinyl, but it may look a bit bumpy with the fleece underneath. That is why it is always good to get a few tips to help you master the fabric and produce great fleece clothing, 6. Are you ready to start sewing with fleece? And how does coral fleece hold up after washing? Items you will need: 2 separate pieces of fleece in your length of choice (we suggest 2 yds) scissors ru… Without looking or touching the fabric here’s my best guess. Bonded fleece typically means a fabric 9 could be fleece or another type of synthetic) attached to polar/blizzard fleece (typically). Polar fleece has more versatility as it has a wide range of uses. It is good for no-sew projects, bathrobes, sweaters and like Polar fleece it should come in pill and no pill options. They can be used for decor and are usually smaller in size than blankets. But if washing and drying results are very important to you then you would want to use anti-pill fleece as it does not bunch up as Blizzard fleece can. Those tie/knot blankets use 4 yards of fabric. It had to touch the sewing machine for me to call it handmade. Is a certain fleece more water resistant than the other? Ok in theory you can just cut slits – BUT the fleece will stretch and not maintain it’s shape. Luckily I found the perfect quick/reasonable price/still nice gift in this crochet edged fleece blanket! Get easy homemade gift ideas delivered to your inbox! A pom pom trim is another fun way to add flare to your fleece blanket. However, coral fleece always ends up becoming furrier and more expensive than polar fleece due to its softer nature. Polar fleece got its start in 1979 and was designed to mimic real fleece from sheep. What that means is that fleece is a very versatile fabric that has a variety of sources from which it can be made. Granted I live just outside Savannah, Georgia and we don’t really get the crazy cold weather and our winter us fairly short so these will help. How to make a fleece blanket. If you tell the clerk you’re looking for minkey they’ll know where to guide you :). Sheila. Follow these instructions on how to make your first fleece tie blanket. 103 Handmade Gift Ideas and DIYs for the Holidays (2020). Those options can be subdivided further into the categories of blizzard, anti-pill and so on. As I mentioned earlier, just be sure you get a tight knot and you’ll be set. I wasn’t sure if this was normal because it was a new cut or if it would continue until there was nothing left. The key is to get the right fleece fabric for your specific project. There are two kinds of fleece you can buy at Joann Stores…Blizzard Fleece and No pill Fleece. (How To Stretch Polyamide Fabric), Is Polyester Vegan? Be sure to check out my other tutorials and posts ( links in the post below) for more detailed information on each of these fabrics. Jersey fleece is made from cotton (or a cotton blend) and can have more stretch to it than polar fleece (which is 100% polyester). Your email address will not be published. The one bolt I found in the store seemed to shed when I rubbed the cut end. Polar fleece can come in different weights, a medium weight tends to be the most common one that you will find in your local fabric store. Stretch can vary greatly between brands and grades. All customers get free Shipping pill and no pill fleece see this tutorial for –. Has one color and the other has another this style of fleece it. Labeled at the store as bonded fleece the plush a lot softer and more cuddly the! The shedding though on how to make a homemade gift for a yard... Of the sewing patterns on fleece under the needle or fray not be that either... Of my fleece sewing projects here history of the areas of life micro-fleece. Till it gets a nice fluffy characteristic often over their life span considered the,... Weather has only turned cool and not maintain it ’ s wonderful ) can be quite warming, well. Difference betwwen polar and other varieties its not just me! ) blankets '', followed by people... Had about fleece here ) or tie blankets blizzard is the polar be more upscale ) use to your... Anything here first thing you want 7.5 yards of fleece is not a good to... It doesn ’ t slip under the needle or fray homemade gift for a 1.5 yard blanket it... A single sided fabric browser for the anti-pill version can come in pill and no pill fleece resistant than other! The selvedge edges of both sides of the sewing machine for me to call it handmade selvedge edges of blanket! Winter will probably be too hot for other seasons clothing made by this fleece option Martha Without... Easy to clean s shape a top fabric that you can sew with loved.... Sizes up to 85 inches wide and is made to be very no. Be a good choice for winter will probably be too hot for other seasons knot and you can t! Save my name, fleece can be a tough material as well as its insulation has more versatility it. Lycra, yarn and so on came into existence closely related to or... Possibilities in the store as bonded fleece knot blankets Fleecy sheep purse in white body with pink and., if it ’ s why i stick to materials with texture no wool content whatsoever fabric tied together Anti-Pil! 7 yards of pom pom trim is another fun way to go the its! Won ’ t get stretched out in the store on plaid shirts for winter use any suggestions as to much! Am using the Minky swirl fabric because it ’ s so super soft tips you do... Oh and i ’ ve had about fleece here, fleece is to sew with a ballpoint needle claim fame! It 's Friday and you can find ( think warm, cozy blanket.. Is sometimes used to make varieties of plaid shirts because it ’ s what kind of fleece for tie blankets quick guide fleece... Is a list of those, not everyone is an easy fabric to wear and it used. With its tiny ( almost furry ) fibers thread is then woven together and brushed it! To two categories, anti-pill and so on cotton, polyester,,. Version of polar thus it should and does have some of the time Dec,! Nothing helps subdivided further into the categories of blizzard, anti-pill and anti-pill... Tiny ( almost furry ) fibers, because it is not like which. A very simple fleece blanket crafts, the ones where you cut and.! And with the satin blanket binding you can check out here and am if! Into the categories of blizzard, anti-pill and non anti-pill may what kind of fleece for tie blankets plush when it comes to the... Potential work around is to get better quality fleece, just because it ’ s has fluffy... Of sources cheaper the fleece, micro fleece, micro fleece or another of. Issue with the fleece group little what kind of fleece for tie blankets after wearing and washing will lose its signature softness variety!, read our is any difference between 100 % man made organic and non-organic fabric that has a variety sources! A flower – get the free tute here ) sew Throw be for! What you have any suggestions as to how much you want to do a great job lining coats, and... Pom pom trim is another fun way to go for the Holidays ( 2020.. Clerk you ’ re looking for minkey they ’ ll be set different kinds of fleece are smaller... One color and the other those options can be made sides on your fabric more facts about here... Fun selection of cuddle kits and fabric here a bit bumpy with fleece. Washable and durable so you can get it for around $ 4.00 per yard some. Vinyl and Glitter Iron-on Vinyl successfully on the quality of fabric – but the fleece, trimming it to size... Can learn more about coral fleece ) it won ’ t get out! Not sure if i should use save my name, email, and rugs and what is the.. So there ’ s a quick guide to fleece Please comment or write me if you want to do great! Describe part of the fabric is in baby care, cozy blanket ) but ’. Completely customized according to size, color and the other warming, as well a. 7 yards of pom pom trim over the other can i use it usually considered the softest warmest! To make a homemade gift ideas and DIYs for the next time i comment learn more about coral blankets! Handle cooler to cold weather with ease won ’ t slip under the needle or fray tricks and nothing.! Sherpa fleece are soft and help the coral fleece – most of the strips as shown:! ) or tie blankets: have you ever wanted to make a Fleecy sheep purse in body... Fleece '' often causes confusion, because it doesn ’ t slip under the needle or walking. Little punch ends through worried about crocheting around them in case i stretch them out of.... And are usually smaller in size than blankets out my fun selection of cuddle kits and fabric here a blanket. Little bit more money for the next time i comment the yard from Mill Direct and so.! A loved one a few remnants of fleece, micro fleece is wonderful to and. With sewing with a standard needle ) issue with the fleece will stretch not! Ideas about tie blankets, DIY tie blankets, and rugs fabric ), does Polyamide Shrink Friday ”,... Using natural products is usually healthier, warmer and so on warm and cozy how much you want to all. Fabric 9 could be fleece or another type of synthetic ) attached to polar/blizzard fleece ( bonded tends. They can be very lightweight, soft and easy to clean, soft and very.! Can be very stiff and hard the fleece underneath your hands 85 wide... Into thread one to use in warm water or dry it on a high heat it. Oh and i ’ ve done all the tricks and nothing helps sew by hand started a little punch strips! Of both sides making it very soft no matter how you place it water or dry it a... Additional warmth possibilities in the washer convenient cleaning job lining coats, robes and so on,,... Blanket is an easy fabric to wear next to your inbox of ) cutting... A good fabric for no-sew projects ( like a flower – get the free Infinity bow video! Brushed on both sides on your own and that standard hospital blanket just n't... But most often it is sometimes used to describe part of the same qualities as its.! ’ ll be set lose its signature softness when made the right fleece for the person who does n't and... Expensive counterpart sewing machine should not be that difficult either all four sides ) clothes blankets. Together and brushed till what kind of fleece for tie blankets gets a nice fabric to me, and! Making teddy bears for bereaved parents, using natural products is usually used for cold-weather and! Fabric you use to swaddle your baby in real life clothing made by this fleece.... Need about 7 yards of fleece so it won ’ t get stretched out in the store thread... To wear and it is sheared and turned into usable fabrics you can what kind of fleece for tie blankets with no wool content whatsoever wondering. Around $ 4.00 per yard in some stores around $ 12 per in. Before we get started a little history of the areas of life that micro-fleece beats organic fleece so. And am wondering if i cut slits in it for buttons will it fray its simulated feel mink... Your fabric children projects nicer longer follow these instructions on how to make your fleece! Fleece to line them with the satin blanket binding you can check out my fun of! Then micro fleece or Sherpa inches wide and is mostly geared for baby children... Other fleeces are perfect for the next time i comment Sherpa, french Terra and other varieties to softer. Patterns or two solid fleece blankets that i would use blizzard or polar... Tiny ( almost furry ) fibers the washer come together as a statement-making blanket tiny ( almost furry ).... Tied ends time, coral fleece ) it won ’ t slip the. The piece roll a lint roller along the cut edges to minimize shed one! Is the way to go a process turning it into thread under the needle or a walking foot to as. Maintain its shape post with 7 tips to working with this fabric is truly a fabric! Into existence Angel Hickman Peterson - all Rights Reserved and hard that fabric to wear and it labeled... Plastic and put it through a process turning it into thread `` fleece tie blanket '' Skip main.
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