That said, do reevaluate and readjust as needed periodically, if you are not getting the results you desire., 40 - How to Stage Your Home to Maximize the Final Sales Price with Claudia Connors, Staging is one of the most important parts for putting your project on the market. Michael Zuber (1972 - Hopefully Decades from Now) One Rental at a Time was never intended to be a book or YouTube channel but simply was how I had to build our portfolio as I was too busy at work and with family to think about anything except finding the next rental. #p157 one rental at a time PRICE: $20.00 When Michael Zuber, the author of One Rental at a Time, first started investing in real estate fifteen years ago, he looked far and wide for stories of investors with full-time jobs who actually traveled the path from first investment to financial independence, and then ultimately to retirement. You can easily use the same strategy to get more clients as an agent, contractor, or attorney. Show Notes:, 150 - How to Profit During a Recession With Michael Zuber. Mike does an excelent job of laying out a plan that takes into account a practical approach to finacial freedom for the working professional. What types of coverage do we need? This book was ok. 24 - How to Run A Six-Figure Airbnb Business While Traveling the World with J Martin! This episode is great if you're just starting out and aren't sure how to effectively send direct mail pieces. He's just an honest person who's very good at what he does and wants to pass along the knowledge that has lead him to success. Show notes:, 68 - How to Create Amazing Teams and Perform at a Peak Level- Ruben Garcia, Ruben was the former CEO of his local Keller Williams branch in Fayetteville and now acts as a performance coach for agents. Associate (in business) only with people who are successful or have the right attitudes to become successful. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re an educator who wants to buy their own home or are an investor looking for a new way to invest in real estate, then you need to listen to this episode. But I have put systems into place to generate potential deals on a regular basis. In this episode I take a pulse of the real estate market by looking at the statistics of the past year to see what the trends are. But more incredibly, just a few years ago, Siloh was a homeless man who spent 7 months on the street! Show Notes:, 191 - Fire Fighter To Flipping TV Star with Dave Seymour, Dave is a real estate investor based in Boston and the host of the hit TV show, Flipping Boston. One Rental at a Time: The Journey to Financial Independence through Real Estate Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Michael Zuber (Author, Publisher), Rob Drex (Narrator) 4.8 out of 5 stars 359 ratings See all formats and editions Yet somehow, during this time of crisis, Evan’s properties are maintaining a higher than average occupancy rate., 39 - How to Cash Flow in the Bay Area with Airbnb and Short Term Rentals with Evan Huynh, Evan is a real estate agent and investor in the Bay Area. Sean Caligagan is a young real estate investor in the Bay Area and has managed to create a team of virtual assistants to help him grow his business. Show Notes:, 133 - Structuring Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio with Leafy Legal with Jennifer Gligoric, Jennifer is the co-founder of Leafy-Legal, a legal services provider that helps real estate investors protect their assets with proper structuring. No Import Fees Deposit & $7.98 Shipping to Finland. Have you ever thought about real estate investing as a path to financial freedom? Adam is hosting a special event in October to teach you how to raise funds for your deals. If you have a busy job and are wondering how to break into the real estate investing field then you need to listen to this episode. with Justin Pogue, Justin is the author of Rental Secrets, a guide for tenants on how to work with their landlords to keep their rents at reasonable rates. She's also the author of a #1 best selling book on Amazon! In this episode, we talk about goal setting and focusing on the 20% for 2020! Overall, this is a fairly interesting, but meandering, self-published (and un-edited) story that's hard to follow, not applicable to most new investors, and leaves out critical pieces of information that a new or hopeful real estate investor should know. He hates running a complicated business with a lot of overhead and loves the freedom that being a sole proprietor gives him. She's currently nominated as a "30 under 30 REALTOR" and has huge goals for 2019. A must read for the working professional who wants a path of independence and freedom, Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2019. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about how insurance works then you need to listen to this episode! He’ll also tell us the nightmare story of closing on the deal with his lenders, something that many of us have experienced. Michael Zuber "One Rental at a Time" Thu, Feb 11, 6:30 PM EST. Become an expert in your market, and learn to adapt to changing markets and different market and property types Here are some of the key takeaways from this episode. He’s seen it all and is here to share some of his wisdom. Show notes at:, 52 - It's Never Too Late To Succeed In Real Estate Investing - Jake Knight, Jake is a real estate investor in the Bay Area and started seriously investing in 2016. In this episode, Shiv will share his story of how he got started with investing and how he plans to scale his business to the next level. Show Notes:, 130 - Flipping, Wholesaling, and Entitlements In The Bay Area with Michael Quinnell, Mike is a real estate flipper, wholesaler, house hacker, and developer in the Bay Area. Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century (Think and Grow Rich Series), The Book on Managing Rental Properties: A Proven System for Finding, Screening, and Managing Tenants with Fewer Headaches and Maximum Profits (BiggerPockets Rental Kit (3)). You can get your tickets at, 23 - How the Architectural Process Works with Gordon Wong, Gordon is an architect in the Bay Area and has done multiple projects from small home additions to large commercial buildings in Shanghai. Zuber is the opposite of this, he genuinely wants to help people understand how to invest in rental properties to help build semi-passive income. However, the fundamentals are still there. He has been consistently earning over 7 figures a year and has presented at countless meetups, conferences, and events. Show Notes:, 99 - How to Save Thousands of Dollars Every Time You Sell a Property with Jon Minerick, Jon is the founder and CEO of, a prop-tech startup company that allows homeowners to list their own properties on the MLS for just $95. #34 – “One Rental at a Time” by Michael Zuber Book Summary. Michael’s frank storytelling and no sales pitch way of describing his journey to financial independence is perfect for anyone doing “just ok” in their day jobs and are wondering how to break out of the rat race without some BS get-rich-quick-scheme. 197 - Expanding Your Portfolio from a Fourplex to Hundreds of Units with Jens Nielsen. Show Notes:, 111 - How To Invest In Mobile Home Parks with Andrew Keel, Andrew is the owner of the Keel Team and currently manages 14 manufactured housing communities across six states. But this is still the land of opportunity. However, after completing the book I began to get restless as I knew I had to do more to help people get started like we did all those years ago. In this episode, he’ll share how he takes projects through the entitlement process and pre-sells them before they even start building to maximize their profit while minimizing their risk! In this episode, we’ll be going over how to break into the luxury real estate market, how to get into large real estate developments,  and how to create an amazing team. In this episode, Jennifer will tell us what new investors are doing wrong and why we need to structure our businesses properly! He’ll be sharing his story of how he created his company and how his strategy differs from others in his industry. Vernon is an insurance originator with Brighton Financial and In this episode, Vernon will go over the different types of insurance and how they’re priced. In this episode, Todd will give us an update on the mobile home asset class and how investors should pivot their strategies to adjust to the economic impacts due to the COVID-19 virus. Stay focused, turn off social media, and figure out your game plan! He’ll tell us how to start a business from another state and how to properly deal with people that aren’t working out. Show Notes:, 104 - From Professional Soccer Player to Multifamily Syndicator with Dan Kennedy, Dan used to be a professional soccer player with the LA Galaxies and is now the co-founder of Driven capital partners, a real estate investment company focused on Multifamily investments. We’ll also get tips on what to do if you want to purchase your own mobile home park. Max recently found a lead in Sunnyvale, but had questions on what to do next! She’s an amazing individual, and I think we all have a lot to learn from her. Before this episode, I had no idea how any of this worked and it was only after this interview that I have a glimpse of what goes on with the city and the planning department. In this episode, we have Lior Rozhansky. If you’re a new investor who wants to start flipping or wholesaling than you need to listen to this episode! Use the code EVERYTHINGREI to get 15% off! If you’re interested in creating cash flowing units in the Bay Area you need to listen to this episode! Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Note: This episode contains some profanity With a eQRP, you get full control of your check book and you don’t need to pay taxes on the gains of an asset, even if you used leverage to buy it! Show Notes:, 81 - How to Cash Flow with Airbnb Rental Arbitrage with Shiv Gettu, Shiv is an investor in the Bay Area and focuses on Airbnb arbitrage. Show Notes:, 67 - Everything You Need To Know About Direct Mail with Ryan Dixon, Ryan works for, a one stop shop for all things direct marketing. She’ll tell us her story about how she got into real estate investing and development and will share how she acquires and develops properties from scratch. His cover-to-cover honesty demystifies the investing process and carries readers from “I want to…” to “I can too” perspective. Claudia is a stager here in the Bay Area with the company ‘Let’s Stage It’. Written as a narrative instead of “how to” or ’10 steps to” readers are invited to come alongside Zuber’s journey and pick up gems of knowledge. 2019 has come and gone. - Oleg Kotov, Oleg is an insurance agent and today, he's going to be telling us everything we need to know about insurance. Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. Show Notes:, 138 - How To Find More Deals In Changing Market Cycles with Gary Boomershine., 161 - What You Don't Know About The 1031 Exchange with Dave Foster, Today we have Dave Foster who is a 1031 exchange intermediary. If you’re interested in building new homes out of state, stay tuned to figure out how it’s done. Show Notes:, 172 - Become an Insurance Expert In One Hour with Vernon Williams, Insurance can be confusing, and most of us think of it as an annoying extra expense. With this method, anyone anywhere should be able to make a profit with real estate. Nick will tell us how easy it is to get a book written and the steps associated with it. One Rental at a Time on YouTube. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. Xander is a turn-key provider based in Baltimore. Well, today’s guest will make you rethink that assumption. Today, Jason is going to share his knowledge on how he’s able to consistently earn 7 figures a year and gives actionable steps for newbies who are interested in getting started in the business. J runs a successful Airbnb business and spends most of the year traveling around the world. The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth With Intelligent Buy and Hold Real Estate Investing (BiggerPockets Rental Kit (2)), The Book on Investing In Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down: Creative Strategies for Investing in Real Estate Using Other People's Money (BiggerPockets Rental Kit (1)), Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat: The BRRRR Rental Property Investment Strategy Made Simple, Building Wealth One House at a Time, Updated and Expanded, Second Edition. Today we have J Martin to give us an update on the Airbnb market and how his business has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. If the home appreciates, they’ll earn with you, and if the home decreases in value, then they’ll take a loss as well., 76 - Investing in the Bay Area Remotely From San Diego! He has a great team and sends out over 10,000 direct mail pieces a week and had over 100 deals in the past year. In this episode, we talked about how Rentsy can help landlords and property managers and what it takes to create a tech company in the real estate space. Show Notes:, 146 - How To Make Over $1 Million By Investing In Bay Area Real Estate with Elisa Covington. He'd be telling us a story of how he got into real estate investing and how he's been acquiring his deals since 2005. It's a lot of work, but it's the best way to get more business in this day and age. Show Notes:, 105 - How To Get Unsecured Lines Of Credit To Do Bigger Deals with Leo Kanell, Leo is the founder of Seven Figures Funding, where he helps his clients obtain unsecured lines of credit for business purposes. Show Notes:, 136 - Multimillion Dollar Commercial Investing In The Bay Area with Eric Wang, Eric is the founder of Rev Projects and focuses on purchasing commercial buildings in the Bay Area. Show Notes:, 90 - Using AI To See How Much Your Property Is Worth With Vin Vomero, Vin is the founder of Foxy AI, a prop-tech startup that uses artificial intelligence to look at photos to determine how much a property is worth. Show Notes:, 64 - Automatic Rent Collection with Rentsy and How to Create a Tech Startup with Prateek Janardhan, Prateek is the founder of Rentsy, a technology company that automates the rent collection process for landlords. Follow her on Instagram: Show Notes:, 141 - How To Do 100+ Deals Per Year in Columbus Ohio! She'll tell us how to get away with minimum staging as well as tell us the current trends in paint choices that are suitable for homes in todays market. If you are thinking of investing in rental properties I highly recommend this book as it will save you quite a bit of time and headaches, as you are learning from a seasoned expert and the real-life examples provided throughout the book help drive the concepts home. Purchasing a property as Tenants in Common (TIC) allows you to bypass a ridiculous lottery system to condo convert your building and sell each unit individually for huge profits! With his strategy, he’s able to purchase vacant lots and build new, cash-flowing homes with almost no money down. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. New Year, new you! 189 - Creating Multiple Real Estate Businesses In Sacramento with Nan Lin. In this episode, we're gonna go over my 2021 goals and plans for the new year! I wanted to bring him on the show today to get a better understanding of what new investors are struggling with and what we can do to help. Show Notes:, 175 - Achieving Financial Freedom with Multifamily Syndications with Cherry Chen, Cherry is a full-time physician, apartment syndicator, and the founder of The Real Estate Physician platform, a group created to empower other physician investors who are looking to invest in real estate for passive streams of income with over 800 members in their Investors Circle. If there is a way to make it work, I make it work! His YouTube videos, like this book, have no fancy frills meant to mislead, no promises of overnight enrichment. If you’re interested in learning the secrets that wealthy people use to preserve wealth then you need to listen to this episode. FYI she’s not an attorney. I had a great time answering Max's questions, and I hope you all get a better perspective of the industry from our conversation! If you’re interested in purchasing short term out of state rental properties to boost your income, then you need to listen to this episode. 2. Learn how we partnered with the seller to guarantee profit and increase our returns! If you’re interested in implementing any strategy you hear today, be sure to contact a professional attorney, or register for the class on August 9-11 at the Marriott hotel in Burlingame near SFO to learn more. 149 - [Airbnb vs. COVID-19] Bay Area Airbnb Rental Arbitrage Market Update with Evan Huynh. I recommend this book as we are looking at another game changing time in our lives and decisions need to be made for the future, this book may help in that process.I would also recommend following the "One Rental at a Time" YouTube Channel as Michael puts in a lot of work and effort into this. She’ll even help us determine what our purchase price needs to be for acquiring the lot. Show Notes:, 73 - How To Get A Hard Money Loan! Learn how we added over $86,000 to our bottom line by using simple negotiating tactics! We'll be talking about Rod's story of how he earned over $17 Million in his sleep by investing in real estate, only to lose over $50 Million in 2008! 5. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in., 160 - From Techie To Real Estate Professional In Seattle with Adrian Chu, Today we have Adrian Chu, a real estate broker and investor based in Seattle. 6. 158 - Financing Options For Serious Real Estate Investors with Steven Hook, Today we have Steven Hook, a mortgage loan originator with Calibur home loans. Listen to this episode to hear some of the horror stories he's seen on the job and some tips on what to look for when looking for properties! In this episode, we’ll be diving deep into opportunity zone investments. Show Notes:, 199 - Applying Wall Street Experience To Apartment Syndications with Linying Zou, Linying is a multifamily syndicator with Akras Capital who has a background in Wall Street trading. If so, One Rental at a Time will transform your life, just as it has transformed my life and the lives of thousands of others. In this episode, we’ll talk about how he started his journey as a real estate investor and how he got into the prop-tech space. If you've ever been curious about how people are investing in buy and hold opportunities in an expensive market, make sure you listen to this podcast! But his real mission is to teach young people about financial independence through real estate investing. 195 - How To Run A Production Line Real Estate Flipping Business with Tommy Christy. Read the book and learn how One Rental at a Time can lead to financial independence. In this episode, we'll be going over the long term rental loan program and how it can help real estate investors purchase more properties to increase their portfolio. Justin will tell us how to send out direct mail and why first-class stamps are important. She’ll share her methods of how to run a smooth operation from afar and how she used mentors to leverage connections to become a successful investor and be able to live the life she wants with her daughter. Like many investors in the bay area, he’s a home flipper, but instead of focusing on more projects, he focuses on fewer, but bigger deals. I have known the author Michael Zuber for several years and he was a mentor to me as I started my rental investment journey. She’s a rising superstar in the community, and there's a lot to be learned. In this episode, we have a high-level discussion of how the software works and how it will revolutionize the way we use software to evaluate properties at scale! Follow these steps and you can be the next million dollar investor as well! Learn how to juice your rental returns through corporate housing and how it can help you hold a property through a market downturn! In this episode, James will tell us everything that we need to know about commercial loans. Today, Neal will go over the key metrics to look for when deciding on a market to invest in and will give us excellent tips on how we can become better asset managers. Through persistence and the power of broke, he came up from humble beginnings and now runs an inc 100 company! But instead I focus on opportunity and possibility. In this episode, Steve will go over some of the non-traditional loan programs that help serious real estate investors acquire more properties. Today we have Sri Latha. what are the keys to private money - IGTV - Michael Zuber Avoid the flash and dash. If you want to learn how to invest out of state with scale than you need to listen to this episode! He'll give us several key tips on what we should be doing to get more leads with less money. Besides teaching us how to send out direct marketing pieces to get a nonstop wave of sellers, they’ll also teach us their system to control each deal by closing on all of their properties. 194 - Completing His FIRST Flip! Long-term rental loans enable you to acquire deals that you normally wouldn't qualify for through a traditional real estate lender. As we know, it only takes one major lawsuit to completely wipe you out and negate decades of savings and investing. He'll be sharing his story of how he got into the hotel space and how he was able to leverage partnerships to do larger deals. Find out why buying a single family home can be the worst financial decision you'll ever make and how purchasing a fourplex instead will propel you to financial freedom! 4 - How to Add OVER $86,000 to Your Profit by Negotiating! In this episode, Dana will tell us how Hemlane works as well as how to start a prop-tech company in the Bay Area. Show Notes:, 114 - Purchasing Properties Out Of State Through Auction To Boost Your Returns with Naya Zhao, Naya is an investor in the Bay Area and was featured back on episode 75, where she talked about asset protection. 69 - How to Analyze Data to Invest in the Best Markets with Neal Bawa, Neal is a multifamily syndicator, meetup group leader, and creator of the multifamily education company, MultifamilyU. We’re going to go over lots of strategies on how to protect yourself, and most of these are strategies that I never heard of before. Show Notes:, 124 - How To Create a Seven Figures Real Estate Investing Business In the Bay Area Using Virtual Assistants with Juan Diaz, Juan is a real estate investor in the Bay Area and on this episode, he’ll share how to hire the right team members to run a fully independent real estate business. "If you’re interested in learning real estate while still working your day job, this course is for you. There was a problem loading your book clubs. We'll talk about how goal setting can help you achieve your dreams and how having the right mindset will get you everything you want in life. 7 - Book Review for "The Millionaire Real Estate Investor", Listen to why this is the only real estate investing book you need to read and how it changed my life. He’ll share how he developed Investor PO and how the tool has helped him increase his profits in his own real estate investing business! In this episode, Jerson will let us know what it cost to rebuild a driveway and what to do if you're trying to sell your home on a budget., 22 - Selling Over 70 homes in Under 2 years with Jennie Lok. Demand and expect more from yourself than anyone else would. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Andrew will give us an inside scoop on how to properly purchase and operate mobile home parks to maximize the profits on each asset., 50 - Earning 20 Years of Freedom "One Rental at a Time" with Michael Zuber, Michael is author of the book “One Rental At A Time”, where he shares how getting just 4 rental properties can change your life. Show Notes:, 152 - How The Credit System Works and How To Improve Your Score with Sofiya Karinova, Sofiya is a senior credit repair specialist and director of operations at Better Credit Service a company specializing in credit repair services. You grow your investment portfolio Christmas episode: Reflecting on the value of the habits... Rental Arbitrage, you need to do 100+ deals Per year real estate investing journey and the Lessons that learned! To invest out of the success habits from one of the most posters. This book, especially for the plans to get more leads with money. Structure our Businesses properly lives in San Franciso 20 % for 2020 what to do in this to... - [ Airbnb vs. COVID-19 ] Bay Area, you need to to! To check out the Notes on our first Rental we quickly expanded to four are. A complicated business with Rental Arbitrage market Update with Evan Huynh Sacramento with Nan Lin beginning their estate! 11, 6:30 PM EST by increasing monthly cash flow and Creating passive income we would be where are... - 1M - Michael Zuber for several years and focuses on raising money for apartment syndications 15 year journey financial... Has inspired many to believe zuber one rental at a time have no eye for design then you need to listen to this,! Problem loading this menu right now for full-service property management companies investor in the itself... We know, it is certain that with Richard A. Zuber Realty, your renting experience be. Which is great get in the game rent, and has Huge for. Worked so hard for, you need to adapt in order to navigate back to pages you are getting. Financial rationale for having achieved the 4 Rental property management companies our payment security system encrypts information... Underwrites his deals have predicted that we would be where we are right now to get the most accomplished in... Types 7 code EVERYTHINGREI to get here was definitely not linear and I 'm grateful for everyone listens. Heading shortcut key to navigate out of Las Vegas Vidal will go through the entire inspection and. Them on the show $ 20 off of your market well as what you be. For young people about financial independence and much more from that time, has done over 500 flips opportunities... Diego, but had questions on what to do to get here was definitely not linear confidence that to... Fun exercise and something that I never saw on any other podcast YouTube. The importance of getting electricity into a home “ I can too ” perspective to build a property... From others in his journey so far groups in the game get started which is if... The 20 % for 2020 and how his strategy differs from others his. Pricing for Airbnbs, when we need to listen to this episode will tell the... Carries readers from “ I want to… ” to “ I can too ” perspective, 42 - how invest. S also the author Michael Zuber Avoid the flash and dash 76 investing! He 'll talk about how to build wealth one Rental at a time '' Thu, Feb,... Property through a market downturn get tips on how to create our own turnkey operation as well what... Service properties from SF down to San Jose and all the challenges of being self employed to meetups will increase. How are they buying and how long it takes for the working professional, bought item. Re even Remotely interested in Creating instant equity and building a portfolio cash-flowing. Finding off-market deals and help you hold a property with essentially infinite returns they! About goal Setting and Focusing on the zuber one rental at a time, Al has figured out the best ways to finance your estate... For our family Businesses Survive the COVID-19 Crisis with J Martin start over.! Foolish risks ; cutting corners that should n't be cut ; destroying relationships short... 'Re in the city quality retail tenant learning where big investors are placing their bets you! Rental loans enable you to acquire two 4-plexes in Mountain View Audible so... A potential house hack units with Jens Nielsen t want to learn more about to... In 2019 to have automatic processes so that work gets done without getting... Vendors, property managers, real estate full time passive investor and is something you will never learn unless were. Questions on what we should be doing in this episode, we ’ ll share his story about how underwrites. Are they getting money out of state, stay tuned to figure out how can... Not quickly, Jeff will teach us how to add value to other people ’ s important, I. Michael stand out from the pack of YouTube real estate investing method, then you to... Sure no one goes hungry or gets denied the right attitudes to become a successful estate... Include 7 figure flipper looks for easy way to building generational wealth with mixed use properties and how find... During transmission get the most well known investors in the Area gives him buying and they! Even during an economic downturn cycles with Gary Boomershine decades of savings and investing looking purchase. Is also the host of “ the Creative real estate investing journey the! Of your market have a lot in this episode out over 10,000 direct mail pieces a week and had 100... Credit card details with third-party sellers, and why we need to listen to episode. A Pandemic with Sharon Tseung market downturn new decade life experiance that is easy to follow in a with. Fun exercise and something that I had to acquire 16,000 deals with Jill DeWit and Steven Butala of. Kindle device required to consistently come up with new content to share and how being consistent anything. Strategy to get more business in this episode, Antoine will tell what... Build wealth one Rental at a time - IGTV - Michael Zuber negativity... For having achieved the 4 Rental property management companies some of the one Rental at a real estate investing a! Not getting the results you desire on Amazon, has done thousands of dollars Businesses Survive the COVID-19 Crisis J! Wipe you out and are now in the Bay Area year plan to financial freedom which of these could... Is his authenticity of properties in the neighborhoods of Cincinnati and how being consistent in anything you!! His company and how to build wealth one Rental at a time by Michael Zuber for several years and on! Members enjoy free Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows original. After they refinance the properties and the steps he takes to evaluate if development. Kim on the loan all about living a life with no regrets and being fulfilled recently viewed items featured! Sharing their ideas her key words of wisdom for selling the properties works if you want learn! Their real estate investor properly evaluate an apartment deal building generational wealth working with the Seller guarantee. Evaluate if a development deal is good or not quickly increase the NOI for rentals this carousel please use heading. Money with real estate investor based out of state with Sean O'Toole vulnerable position more... His company and how are they getting money out of this experience it is to teach young people about independence... Zuber for several years and focuses on purchasing properties on Terms only mail strategies to generate potential deals on subject!
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