Fiber To The Home (FTTH) And Its Benefits

What is FTTH (Fiber To The Home)?
People who are still using copper DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) lines to access broadband Internet at their home in Delhi, they are so much from the past. According to FTTH Internet service provider Delhi, “Fiber is the next biggest and best thing”. Need for fast Internet speed to be the priority of the day and  FTTH technologies can provide a minimum of 100 Mbps per house. They can even go up to 1 Gbps or 2.5 Gbps per house with presently available technology. Some applications that might be sent to your home via Fiber cables are High Speed Internet, HD Content, Cable TV, On-Demand IPTV, Telephone System, Multiplayer Gaming, Video Conferencing, Movie Streaming, 3D, Virtual Reality and so on. Clearly, this technology needs Fiber Internet Delhi service providers to lay fiber cables at all those places in Delhi, where existing copper telephone lines run at present.


Benefits Of FTTH

Internet Speed
High Internet speed is the one of the biggest advantages of FTTH. Whether you want to download files, stream videos or even have video-chats, speed is the deciding factor. FTTH  is making it possible for users to stay in touch by improving the  speeds that you received. Also, today a large number of people are working from home, so faster Internet speeds help them stay connected 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week.

Upcoming Applications
There are different new applications coming up for FTTH, so households stay connected with the latest and upgraded in technology.  Another benefit of having this all new technology is it is easy to find service provider to the Home.

More Bandwidth
Fiber can transport virtually unlimited bandwidth that will accommodate the demand for high-speed Internet connections of today, and the advanced applications of tomorrow. Remember, the closer the fiber is to your home or business, the more bandwidth will be available for you. Fiber Optic Internet Connecting The Whole World At A Faster Pace

Reliability & Future Flexibility
Fiber to the home are less susceptible to glitches in compared to traditional copper wires. Also, they can resist the shock and vibration from unfavorable weather. Fiber to the home is considered “ the future proof” and provides the flexibility to deliver extra services in many years to come.

Fiber Optic Or Cable Internet are more durable Although the FTTH project needs expenditures now, so it will save all west money in the future as well as will keep you at the forefront of technology.

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How Fiber Optic works

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