How Fiber Optics Cables Are Better Than Copper Cables

What is fiber internet?
Basically, fiber internet is an internet that is accessible through fiber-optic lines. Unlike DSL and cable internet services, fiber-optic lines use small strands of plastic or glass to carry binary transmissions of light. This process of data transmission makes fiber internet in Delhi the best option for fast speeds and dependability.

Fiber optic cables convey communication signals simply by using pulses of light produced by small lasers or light-emitting diodes. Additionally, the cable made of one or more strands of glass, and each only somewhat thicker than a human hair. There are mainly two types of fiber cables:1) Single mode and 2) multi-mode fiber. Single mode fiber uses very thin glass strands as well as a laser to generate light while multi-mode fibers use LEDs.

Fiber optics has a higher capacity as it can carry a huge amount of network bandwidth easily that exceeds that of a copper cable with the same thickness. In addition to this, fiber cables rated at 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and 100 Gbps.  These cables provide higher bandwidth compared to wired cables and can transmit data over longer distances as well. Fiber optic cables support much of the internet, cable telephone systems and TV system in the world.

  • Better For Carrying Data/Information Over Long Distances

Do you know light and electricity can also negatively affected by long-distance travel? This is because the signals strength degrades the beyond it has to travel, as a result, a weak signal. Copper cable links are limited to a distance of 328 feet to uphold signal strength. On the other hand, Fiber-optic cables can run about 25 miles, which provides them with better signal strength for less cable.

  •  Not Affected By Radio Interference And Electrical

Companies that provide Best internet in Delhi believed that copper is a good medium for conducting electricity, but it is not a closed system and electromagnetic or radio interference can adversely affect it. Also, high levels of interference will decrease the signal strength. Glass and plastic fiber optic lines are extra protected against outside interference that is why their signal is more secure than others.

  • Less Prone To Wear And Tear

Copper older systems are very prone to damage from the environment such as hazards because copper is soft metal. They will break down over time as well. But, fiber lines are much harder and resistant. Fiber lines can take up to 200 pounds of pressure while copper can withstand around 25 pounds.

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