Which Internet Service Is Right For You: Fiber Optic Or Cable Internet

Fiber Optic
With speeds up to 10,000Mbps, Fiber Optic is the fastest Internet available today. It uses cutting edge technology and information / data is sent via small and flexible strands of glass that transmit light, which permits information to be sent faster over greater distances.

Cable Internet
It uses cable TV infrastructure to transmit information or data. Also, you may have to share the connection with others, although the cable Internet does not interfere with your television. Cable Internet is accessible by almost anyone in any area. But, there are just fewer fiber optic internet services Delhi. Not all fiber optic networks reach all cities of India, although that footprint is expanding every passing day.

Which Is Faster
Fiber internet sends data or information faster than cable. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), companies providing fiber optic internet connections provide 117% of the advertised speed during peak times, which is greater than that of cable and Digital subscriber line (DSL). Also, it’s delivered on a dedicated line, which provides more consistent speed, even during peak usage times.

Moreover, fiber optic Internet (Gigatel Networks Introduced New Booster Internet Plans With First Month Free Trial) often is considered more reliable than cable as well. Fiber optic Internet is more averse to go down during a power outage because there is no electricity involved as it is made of glass. This protects it against high voltage electrical equipment or interference from nearby power lines. Apart from this, the private network installed in your home makes it harder to hack as well.

Fiber can resists more temperature fluctuations than cable. Also, it can be submerged in water. The price for service tends to be much less because fiber optic cables cost less to maintain, and very competitive with DSL. The service is only available in a few markets, thus there is no guarantee that you will be able to find it and this is the major downside to fiber.

What Is The cost
Fiber Optic Internet can be more expensive than cable Internet. More Internet service providers offer a fiber optic option now. So, it’s becoming more economical to install fiber optic networks than cable. The cost of Cable Internet varies and depends on your location, and whether you choose to bundle televisions or Internet and phone services. Cable Internet usually is an affordable business solution.

Choosing between cable and fiber all depends on your needs.  Fiber would make the best option for getting the fastest possible speed while cable is probably the best option if you only need to use the Internet casually.\

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