Image: Download the COVID Tracker app . The National Archives of Ireland has a searchable index database on the Internet for transportation records of Irish convicts sent to Australia between 1788 and 1868. Australia remains closed to most foreign visitors. Download the COVID Tracker app . Emigration records are about people leaving a country. Cats and dogs can only be imported into Australia from certain countries and, depending on the country, the pre-import preparation time can be over six months. Find out more on the COVID-19: Overseas financial assistance page. Around 200 Australians in Ireland are seeking to return home but have found themselves unable to do so due to restrictions on international arrivals in Australia. Returning Australians and other travellers to Australia must return a negative COVID-19 test prior to departure In addition, a person who resides in Ireland can claim a pension from Australia without having to return to Australia to live. Many have no idea about the reality of modern Ireland after years spent living in countries such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. National Cabinet met on 8 January and agreed that International passenger caps in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia will be temporarily halved from no later than 15 January 2021 to manage the flow of returning Australians and other travellers who have been potentially exposed to … However, if you start preparations in Australia before your cat or dog goes overseas, returning them to Australia can be much simpler and quicker. Additionally, on Jan. 8 the government announced that it was reducing flight arrivals and will now require all returning citizens, legal residents and permitted essential workers to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test before boarding any international flight to the country. If you’ve been unable to return to Australia due to COVID-19 restrictions and are experiencing financial distress, you may be eligible for interest-free loans to cover living costs while you wait for a flight to return to Australia and/or to help cover the costs of the flight. Last Updated 30 July 2020 Safe Home Ireland is a charity that helps people living abroad return to Ireland and its Chief Executive Karen McHugh said it is busier than ever. Over 38,000 names are indexed on the Ireland - Australia Transportation Web site. COVID-19 and the border. Travelling to Ireland during the COVID-19 pandemic . How do seconded workers benefit under the Agreement? Latest travel advice for Australia including how ... Wales and Northern Ireland. Coming to Australia. ... German, the US, Canada and Australia. This group was set up for all Irish people who are returning to Ireland after 1,2 or 10 years abroad. Records of emigration and immigration include passenger lists, permissions to emigrate, records of passports issued, lists of transported prisoners, and registers of assistance to emigrate. So if you are returning from Australia, Canada, US, UK or anywhere abroad this page is a support group for Irish people heading home. View the protocols for international travel for the aviation and maritime sectors. Immigration records are about people entering a country. Irish Expats Returning To Ireland has 20,423 members.