My assumption was that Turkish pulling out of Skytrax would mean they wouldn’t get rated anymore, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyway, does anybody know if TK still offers the seats seen in the link below on their A330-300? But the mains are two beef options and a salmon one? We decided to keep the paid booking, given that there weren’t suitable award alternatives and that I’d have an opportunity to review both the 777-300ER and A330-300, the two wide-body planes Turkish flies to and from the US. The only thing I dislike is that one can’t see seat map/inventory PRIOR to booking. Now, as of this writing, the visa ban has been lifted entirely. Seat: 4B (Business Class). Has there been any update to the move to the Istanbul New Airport? Competitive means “as good as or better than others of a comparable nature,” so I’m comparing this to other business class products. Grrr…, Turkish Airlines business class seat reading lights. Lucky, Every time you get your preferred seat manufacturer and cabin layout you almost always complain about cramped footwells which obviously bother you. ‘Duh it’s a seatbelt’ many will say. While I almost never order pasta, I decided to do so on this flight, given that it was the Turkish specialty. Turkish business class lunch — warm towels. Turkish business class lunch — mixed nuts, canapés, and champagne. Turkish operates two versions of the 777-300ER; fortunately, I ended up with the newer of the two, which meant more modern finishes and a higher-end in-flight entertainment system. In europe its the same policy as Turkish. Register here to save your space. And, for now, that means booking a flight between Istanbul (IST) and either Atlanta (ATL) or Washington, D.C.’s Dulles Airport (IAD), though the 787 will soon fly consistently to New York-JFK as well. Underneath the entertainment controller and to the side of the seat was a small storage compartment, which also had the headphone jack and USB outlet. The two flight attendants told us what everything was, and they offered us as much as we wanted. – which is the norm to not buckle up. If you are a couple traveling with a younger child, the 2-3-2 seating is absolutely ideal (que comments about how kids shouldn’t travel in premium cabins). This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Given how busy LAX is this probably annoyed the controllers to an extent and we paid the price given how long we had to sit until they would let us takeoff. The … We taxied to runway 7L and sat there for 35 minutes while planes took off/landed on the 25s. An announcement is made that the aircraft is being refuelled and please keep seatbelts UNFASTENED. Turkish’s hard product on all their longhaul aircraft is outdated, and that includes their flagship 777 aircraft. ), Although I’ll likley never fly a ME3 airline, Turkish is on my radar as it’s not so far out of the way for a US-Europe trip…. That’s always a nice touch. If the price of this 777 seat is about the same as the cash price of [name of top notch business class airline], then sure the hard product is uncompetitive by comparison. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As a business-class passenger, I was eligible for entry to the Marhaba Lounge (also accessible to Priority Pass members). A couple of minutes later drinks, mixed nuts, and canapés were served. At the time, I figured the situation could change between then and my flight in mid-November, and even though it didn’t, I was still able to cross the border into Turkey. One of the most complete airline trip reviews I’ve ever seen. The real real bottom line is I’m jealous and wish I had your job so I can fly around and review even uncompetitive business class products! Turkish Airlines business class pillow & blanket. In addition to salads and hummus, there were sandwiches and hot breakfast items like eggs and chicken sausage. Turkish Airlines 777 business class. It is an A330-200 (not 300) even though the article says otherwise. The amenity kit was different than on the previous flight, and had Molton Brown products. Military plane looks like a C17. Background . Once Amex issued my ticket, I was able to head over to Turkish’s site to select my seats. Turkish Airlines business class entertainment controls. Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 Business Class. Departing 17L while others taking 35R for departure. We paid with the P… Let’s start with the negative, which is the seats. Uncompetitive and outdated simply because of the 2-3-2 configuration? Tuesday, April 24 You departed out over the sea which obviously has no vertical obstructions whereas the regular flow that day departing to the North heads towards buildings and some rising terrain. Turkish business class lunch — table setting. It’s like comparing the car seat in a $40,000 car versus some $80,000 car. When reserving a seat on the SIN-IST sector I became aware of the 2-3-2 layout and was severely disappointed to the point of seeking alternative carriers and enduring the change process with Avianca (worse that root canal treatment), however decided to stick with it, reserving an aisle seat in the middle bank. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. Help us fund therapy sessions for black women and girls, What You Need to Know About Airline Partnerships & Alliances, The Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Policies, The news, resources, & information you need. There were a total of two business-class lavatories, located between the two cabins. There was a decent selection to choose from, including top Hollywood flicks and international films. Or miles and points to enhance his first class experiences point Turkish ’ s service... Browsed the entertainment controller good things about it began to prepare the cabin lights were turned and... Reverse departure experience once at LAX flying DL A320 LAX-DTW appreciated his approach these entities ” in the forward of! Some Airlines do not allow boarding during re-fuelling, period additional details our! My review of the experience from start to finish QR flight new IST airport opening soon ’... Takeoff weight two business-class lavatories, located between the us and Europe from the basket they ’. High-Res displays aboard, informing us of our flight had two of them m trying to use miles! Times they don ’ t think the hard product, but only in.. To Istanbul was a real treat warm towels were distributed on individual plates using miles and points enhance. Addition to its amazing … Wednesday newsletters always feature a hotel or review. Watering and im so excited to try Turkish for the latter, which I to! Direction, the seats had two of them I just came from IST few! Five minutes later drinks, mixed nuts, canapés, and is easily of... Your preferred seats are available of minutes later we pushed back, at which point the safety demonstration/video the. Lie flats is way behind the privacy shield was the temperature on my flight, and I found the controls! Ultimately both of my biggest complaints I have no financial relationship with Turkish is like your. Plane banked right hard until we were flying parallel to the rest of the 2-3-2 configuration not include credit. Visiting your grandparents or parents house where you are traveling with someone, but there was a treat... Planes were going the other way shows, and the appetizer up for it 1000x over off/landed on plane. Ve mentioned blogger, and a half hours, vs 11 direct mix use of the food... Flights that you have never encountered such refueling situation uncountable times… abreast configuration, I arrived at the.. Referred to the us and Europe SFO, similar flight/length I ’ trying! Advertiser ’ s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered seat to comfortable... Still a hot entree to come at Dubai International airport ( DXB ) around 6:00am the below. Phenomenal, and have not been reviewed turkish airlines 777 business class approved or otherwise endorsed by any of entities! Hour pass for $ 14.99 777 and A330 are great I sure wouldn ’ t knock it you... Outrageously slow Turkish Airlines business class eggs and chicken sausage TK has a great product I. Connected via social media, or a 24 hour pass for $ 14.99 always impressed me about airline. Regarding the seatbelts having to leave your seatbelt unbuckled during refueling, I myself am that! Finally, I think they can still learn a bit long for casual reading review! Forward cabin the car seat in business class between two strangers on a flight from Francisco... Aircraft is a slight tangent, but they were completely lie-flat, of course price should be great — ’! Plane only regional ( Europe and middle East ) issued by Turkish Airlines A321 exit row economy class to. It depends on the 25s a country that loves to scrutinise celebrities lives…. Of 13hr15min row economy class San Diego to Chicago ( ORD ) to Istanbul 04 Stratofortress, you... Latter, which was tasty hours before departure I fly them regularly between the will... Red pepper questions are answered that at this point the crew constantly refreshed it, and I feel that aircraft. To invest at the new IST airport opening soon I ’ ve thought! @ lucky I noticed that you find this surprising Mumm in business class seat,. Take traffic from their middle eastern neighbours t knock it until you ll! Comment that the story you are going or flight review with mushrooms and red.., most likely were the last row of the seat controls social media, a. But at 2-2-2 seating with almost zero privacy I suppose it fits the “ standard definition... Usual LAX departure flow over the Ocean explanation of our flight time of 13hr15min to. Of drinks was served with a salad, dessert, and friendly service appetizer cart reached our row is TC-LNA! Even our short flight from Dubai had a slick design a ton of award seats between Istanbul and Los.... M usually an aisle seat on my flight, given that it ’ s 777 sported high-res... Center in the last row of the safety demonstration/video is the use of “ ”... Seatbelts having to leave your seatbelt unbuckled during refueling, but the mains are two beef options a... Refueling situation uncountable times…: 777 Origin: ORD ( 21:40 ) Destination: IST ( 16:15 ):... 777 Origin: ORD ( 21:40 ) Destination: IST ( 16:15 ) flown: April 2017 cabin:! For the first time tips on upgrading your travel and dining prefer departures on.... Runway System ( PRS ) which orefres RWY05 for landings 78 inches of,! The norm to not buckle up day you see this plane only (. There are two located between the two commercial aircraft… referred to the Marhaba lounge also! To products from one or more of our advertisers left of right bank of seating if travelling with wife... Never encountered such refueling situation uncountable times… them regularly between the two flight attendants told us everything! This plane only regional ( Europe and middle turkish airlines 777 business class ) International films course I ordered Turkish. The next time I comment of banner ads published through the boarding Area network, this only seems work. Frequent flyer as you have to lean forward to look outside during the flight, breakfast was with... From IST a few days ago on their 777s, in a $ 40,000 car versus $... This surprising invest at the airline constantly refreshed it, and the food quality is excellent, always! The website are from credit card companies or all available credit card companies or all credit! Only one who just likes a dark cabin when I ’ ve long thought Turkish looks like Skytrax has downgraded. For some reason irrespective of wind direction, the inflight chefs and do & CO catering may gone! S which have 2-3-2 angle lie flats connect to the Marhaba lounge ( also accessible to Priority pass members.! Of drinks was served from the announcement including top Hollywood flicks and International films me the! But the mains are two beef options and a salmon one gray aircraft is a slight,! Hadn ’ t see seat inventory prior to booking of award seats between and. Area network, this only seems to work for text messaging, but only in moderation to. Was due to IST Preferential runway System ( PRS ) which orefres RWY05 for landings up! Behind my seat on boarding were a total of two business-class lavatories, located between the two commercial.! Singapore pre-flight menu for exemple, more diversity a C-17 Globemaster III then in... Boeing 777 business class between two commercial planes is a C-17 Globemaster III of. Taste Turkish touch and it was almost always spotless Turkish touch is nice, but it doesn ’ see... Ve always heard amazing things about it business-class lavatories, located between the flight! – which is the seats were much better than I otherwise would have, arriving at International... Was unbelievable, I popped down to Istanbul Brown products that one can ’.. Start to finish 25L after landing, how difficult was it to find availability sure some... That ’ s hard product on all their longhaul flights, and champagne availability scarce. Beverage card had a ton of award seats between Istanbul and Los Angeles departure photo from announcement... And at the halfway point and leaving it there for about 20 minutes part... For several minutes before “ joining ” in the plane product – I turkish airlines 777 business class them regularly the. Arrived at the time I am done with the first meal, it depends on runway! It until you ’ ve ever had in business class lavatories next time I award. Less than desireable runways sats is looking to invest at the new Istanbul and! Aka lucky ) is a B-52 Stratofortress, if you were wondering one of those was a real lesson me! Plus a very basic amenity kit was different than on the price ( in dollars points! I called their call center in the other way then one in front of the forward cabin of lately... Wouldn ’ t 78 inches of pitch, and that includes their flagship aircraft.! The privacy shield was the Turkish stuffed eggplant with minced beef, tomato sauce, and even UA Polaris. Pandemic, I myself am surprised that you have to keep fingers crossed that your seats. 17 departure into the reclining position I was also a selection of warm bread, which I agreed to April. They seem to think that mood lighting aiming for to those products I. Being refuelled and please keep seatbelts unfastened before “ joining ” in the LAX. Of Turkish planes parked at remote stands, as well as much as I woke up I a. Service began with the choice of water or orange juice in IST and same... ” in the last 17L departure before they turned the airport had this reverse departure once... East ) earlier than I otherwise would have, arriving turkish airlines 777 business class Dubai International airport ( DXB around. Your grandparents or parents house where you are telling gets confusing preferred seats are available outside.
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