Concrete Raising Equipment & Training. Choosing a superior insulation helps save the environment by reducing energy consumption. FOR SALE OR RENT. Whether you want to buy used spray foam equipment or you need training on how to use a specific sprayer, Bolair is your go-to source. The 2 day training course covers the chemistry of spray foam, building envelope, Canadian building codes, safe use & handling of polyurethanes and more. 780-669-1280 handing solutions. We offer open and closed Cell Foam insulation for residential and commercial applications, Attic insulation services : Removal and Blow-in Fibreglass or Cellulose. Dependability and outstanding service reflects in our commitment to making you feel comfortable with using Thermo for all of your spray foam insulation needs in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Insulation Foam Products. Browse our huge online store, for spray foam kits and accessories to solar energy products. It’s more than just insulation---you're investing in the well being of you, your family, and your home. Good customer experience is essential to our process. We are the only company in the World that sells a 100% Naturally Organic, Toxic Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Soap Free, Petroleum Free and Powder Free foam! Safety is our highest priority during any spray foam … Out with the bad and in with the good. Tel: (780)-701-9156 Email: Heating and air conditioning systems work most efficiently in homes with air tight insulation. Whether you have a Foam Party of 1 or a foam party with over 100,000 people, Foamalicious has the best foam machines for you! Foamalicious is the Worldwide leader in foam machine rentals. * By inserting your email above, you agree to receive communications from Bolair Fluid Handling Systems about educational content, events, news, and promotions. Large Equipment Rental If you need special heavy equipment rentals for your next job in Edmonton, The Home Depot Canada has a great selection of rentals, including construction equipment rentals, lawn equipment rentals and more – so you’ll always have what you need. Department, CUFCA Throughout the city of Edmonton, spray foam insulation is ideal for residential and commercial applications. We carry Fast Rise insulation kits for air sealing applications with an open access area such as open frame walls in new construction buildings, crawl spaces and basement ceilings, overhead applications and between metal joists. 2011 : al walters electrical service ltd … Document Viewer SHOP MATERIAL. Specializing in commercial roofing, the experienced team at Superior Spray Foam has put more than 20,000,000 square feet of SPF roof systems in place! We can help minimize your company’s downtime by providing fast, high-quality repairs for your equipment. Oct 28, 29 – 2020. This is why we’ve chosen only the safest products and provide our spray foam insulation installers with continual training. 32302 Camino Capistrano, Suite 201. Thermo Solutions Insulation installs both 1/2 lb spray foam insulation and 2 lb spray foam insulation in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Find out more about our insulation services in Edmonton, and about the spray foam insulation products that we use for optimal performance. Our Insulation Foam Products include: Handi-Foam®...Handi-Flow®...Silent-Seal® Fomo Products is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and does so by offering an innovative range of high-quality, low pressure polyurethane technologies. Throughout the city of Edmonton, spray foam insulation is ideal for residential and commercial applications. Mud Jacking Equipment Rental. San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 . We are transparent and honest with how we conduct business. Open cell-Closed cell & Polyurea. It is a white plolymer foam based on purified & concentrated ingredients that proivdes 4x more density vs conventional foams for better durability & insulation. Machines-Hose-Pumps & Dryers. GRAIN DRYERS. Our four-day course will teach you everything you need to know, including practicum sprays and in-classroom theory. Thermo Solutions Insulation installs both 1/2 lb spray foam insulation and 2 lb spray foam insulation in Edmonton and the surrounding area. We have selected industry leading technologies to assist our health and safety standards and quality of installation. With more than three decades in business, Superior Spray Foam’s exceptional products and unparalleled customer service have … Spray foam insulation equipment for rent at Master Pack. Edmonton. In fact, our goal is to help you create perfect projects every time with our knowledge of spraying systems, our ability to train you on how to use them, and our knowledgeable repair team. AIRES SPRAY FOAM. Energy Efficiency Alberta’s programs encourage energy efficient technology and home improvements and offer savings, rebates and solutions to help you reduce your carbon footprint. We offer a variety of training programs at not only our head office, but also our Edmonton branch. Bolair provides a range of spray foam insulation equipment for sale in Edmonton, AB, including, new and used spray coating machines and high-end RIM equipment. Leaders in insulation removal in Edmonton, Thermo Solutions has the professional experts and equipment you need. We also have industrial and specialty spray foam insulation available. Our success is your comfort! Spray Foam Training Course. At Bolair we offer the most cost-effective fluid Call 1-888-844-3736 for pricing details or shop online today. We manufacture equipment to move, measure, mix, control, dispense and spray fluids that are … You trust us in your home, and so we know how important it is for you to understand our process and how we work. Typical Applications: Sandblasting, Media blasting, Fiber Optics Jetting, Cable Blowing, Well Site Operations, Paint Spraying, Spray Foam, Railway Applications Inquire now Ingersoll Rand EH250 – 250 CFM Externally Heated Desiccant Air Dryer Heck, we’ve been in the business of concrete raising for over 40 years! Service Thermo Solutions Insulation is proudly customer service driven. 866-799-3626. Contact Bolair company for the best selection of spray coating equipment in Alberta! Spray foam insulation has the ability to last the lifetime of a home making it a one-time investment that will begin paying for itself with energy savings. Ease of Application Since our foams cure in minutes—most solutions exhibit 90% of full compression strength after 15 minutes—large surface areas can be lifted and reopened during application. Menu. Join our mission with choosing a more responsible building insulation solution. Safety Equipment. New foam and mudjacking equipment costs $4,000 to $10,000. SHOP EQUIPMENT. We offer all of the new and used equipment you need to get the job done, both at home and on the jobsite. Working with chemicals can be troubling, but we ensure the safest workflow with the safest products. The machine has wheels for easier maneuverability and transport and comes with 100 feet of hose (two 50' sections with connector) to achieve optimum coverage. Serving Camrose, Edmonton and Wetaskiwin, A-1 Rentals provides residential and commercial tool and equipment rentals, event hosting supply rentals, recreational rentals … You can find sprayers powered by electricity, fuel, or even hydraulics on our site, and we are trained to repair anything we sell. Training. Graco is one of the world’s leading suppliers of fluid management products and packages. Call 1-810-370-1262 today. Learn More. Our training is comprehensive and professional, which is perfect for getting your employees to work quickly. We offer concrete raising business training seminars, industry-leading polyurethane concrete raising equipment, mudjacking equipment, ongoing support for business, equipment, and marketing for our seminar clients, and so much more! 11835-28 St. NE Edmonton, Alberta T6S 1C8. Spray Foam Insulation. Spray foam is the most effective home insulation type to create an air tight house. Polysource Industries is pleased to present the following Spray Foam / Slab Jacking Rig. This is something we’ve identified as being important and often lacking in Edmonton and the surrounding market! Spray Foam Contractors are amazed that the BOSSMachine is a very simplistic to operate and making it the Spray Foam Equipment of choice. You may withdraw this consent by unsubscribing at any time. Rental program for foam dispensing equipment to spray polyurethane foam for insulation, void fill, and sound proofing applications. Find out more about our advantages. We have a wide variety of polyurethane spray equipment and spray foam insulation equipment for sale, no matter the scope of your project. The spray foam insulation company got its start as a business run by the Oak Bluff Hutterite Colony near Morris MB, in the late 1970s. Most areas don't have mudjacking pump rentals available for the general public because local laws require a contractor’s license. Let us earn your business! Spray foam insulation reduces the chance of mold growth, allergens, pollutants, and moisture from infiltrating. A-1 Rentals Camrose, Edmonton & Wetaskiwin Tool & Equipment Rentals. The fact that we have an inventory of machines on our plant floor that can be shipped within day or two - adds to our CustomerSatisfaction… Boss machine sprays Open, Closed Cell foam, plus Roofing foam. When using spray foam it is always important to practice safety first. Benefits and Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting and Foam Jacking. Whether you want to buy Graco sprayers in Edmonton or rim equipment in another part of Alberta, you will find everything you need here at Bolair. Insulation machines, insulation blowers, insulation equipment & insulation accessories from Spray Insulation Industries. With our attention to detail, our end product is more cost effective and saves our customers money. Home; If you have questions about spray foam insulation in Edmonton, please do not hesitate to contact us. Bolair is your one-stop shop for spray foam rigs and spray guns in Alberta and the surrounding areas. NEW AND USED 4,000,000 BTU. Our amazing service of course extends to our contractor, builder and commercial clients as well! Open Area Spray Foam Kits. Give us an opportunity to impress you. Our passion is to help as many people afford and understand the benefits of using spray foam insulation. We sell the best fluid handling solutions. If you are interested in CUFCA (Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association) training and certification, just contact us for a list of dates, times, and prices. The first day's rental is free with the purchase of 20 or more bags of Cullulose loose-fill insulation. Course provides students with the certifications that are required to spray foam in Canada. The mud slurry fill, power drills, and extension hoses are sold separately. We can also come to your location to train you on the use of our variety of products. At HMI, we know concrete. We have cutting edge technology that enables a more efficient process and better results which save you money. 51 likes. Quality assurance and service are paramount in our process. Safety is our highest priority during any spray foam insulation project. The staff of Red River Spray-On Ltd. is a tight-knit group born out of necessity on business and personal levels. rental property : 424 wood lily dr . Our experience and workmanship speaks for itself. Thermo Solutions Insulation takes a new and refreshing approach with you, our client. EXPANDOTHANE PRODUCT. LePage Tite Foam Gaps & Cracks Gun Grade is a new generation of polyurethane-based insultation foam sealant that expands to fill, seal and insulate gabs & cracks inside or out. Fax: 780-461-9963 1251 coteau st e moose jaw, sk s6h4p4 915 edmonton st : 306-690-4013 . 18ft trailer Graco Reactor H-40 Morse 40/40 Diesel Generator with Screw Compressor Spray foam insulated Tool chest Shore power Two room format Lights The Graco Reactor H-40 is a hydraulic drive driven spray foam proportioning system that gives superior performance, control and accuracy. No matter the size or difficulty of the job, we will get it done. Edmonton 05/01/2021. Find local Graco distributors and retailers offering sales support, service, and repair for pumps, sprayers, applicators, and the entire Graco product line. Spray Foam Equipment. 306-690-7780 : 2011 3 j's foam insulation: spray foam insulatio . Phone: Brand new, Women's Nordica Speed Machine 95W, size 22.5. Expandothane Top Rated Roof Coating & WaterProofing-A Hybrid Polyurea that expands 7 times its volume.